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What is NerdBot?

A connected analytics Telegram Bot for actionable insights and seamless trading experience.,format

On-chain Radar

Actionable insights with data summary in flexible timeframe,format

Smart Alert

Real-time alert of unusual movements,format

DEX Trade

Built-in Automatic DEX trading on Uniswap, KyberSwap and more,format

Wallet Analytics

Analyze winrate, portfolio and more
NerdBot, your trading assistantTrading Intelligence with NerdBotDon't ever miss any signals again with your all-in-one analytics NerdBot right on Telegram
Discreetly follow Smart Money and get instant alerts
Simple Portfolio management to know your current positions


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Personal Bot

Community NerdBot for Communities

Kyberswap integrated

NerdXP Referral Program (Beta Live Now)

Notify On-chain Signal

Top Holders’ movements


Portfolio Management, Customized Alerts, and Advanced Personal Analytics

Personal Bot Customizations

5+ chains deployment

SocialFi Analytics


Automated DEX functions (limit orders, sell initials, copy trade)

Perp DEX integration

Automated Perp Trading

NerdBot Mobile App

Nerd Analytics Web UI

AI Assistant

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